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Memecast #39: Pricing is Hard

Yes, pricing is really hard. I personally find it frustrating when I look at companies, doesn’t matter the size of the company where they’re focused a lot on how do we keep costs down?

How do we cut costs? We have procurement people. We hire specific procurement people whose job is to get costs down and their job is to learn how to negotiate better so that we can pay lower prices. And I’m not saying those are bad things. But, you know, pricing is so much more powerful. What if we could negotiate better on our sales side?

What if we could communicate value better to our marketplace? What if we understood value to where we could set our prices at a higher point and maybe even build products that have more value.

Pricing is hard. There’s no doubt, but that’s what business is all about. It is definitely worth investing. I don’t know why companies don’t.” – Mark Stiving


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