For Career Minded Professionals

Accelerate your career by mastering value-based pricing.  So few professionals truly know why their customers buy, yet that knowledge is extremely powerful for many impactful business decisions.  By learning this, you can become both unique and invaluable inside your company. 

Mastering value will help you stand out with a powerful perspective.

Pricing professionals:  This is your job.  You must master customer-perceived value and share your knowledge with as many people in your company as possible. 

Product managers: Stop building features your company can’t sell.  Companies make this mistake because they don’t know what customers value. You will learn to champion the development efforts that sell the most at the highest prices. 

Product marketers: Most web pages are filled with feature-speak, but your customers don’t care about your features.  When you know what they value, your marketing messages will resonate.  Hint: it’s about the problems you solve and the results they want.

Salespeople: Your job is to help individual buyers discover how much value your products can deliver to them.  Yet, so few salespeople are capable.  When you help buyers determine their own value from their decision, they will be thrilled you were there to help them buy.

Impact Pricing helps you accelerate your career

We teach you how customers think about value, and help you discover how your customers perceive value. 

Live Courses: The most enjoyable and effective way to master value is through our live courses. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, you will be learning from and interacting with “America’s Best Pricing Educator.” Mark Stiving has taught hundreds of companies and thousands of people while maintaining an NPS score over 80 (higher than Apple’s).

Online Courses: If you can’t make a live course, Impact Pricing University is a collection of 7 virtual courses you can access at your own pace. Buy access to one course or a pass for all of them. It’s a convenient way to learn about pricing and value. 

Books:  Mark has written three books about pricing and value you’ll want to read and refer back to.

  • Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint for Driving Profits, is a highly readable and practical manual on pricing.
  • Win Keep Grow: How to price and package to accelerate your subscription business, is chock full of insights on how a subscription business differs from a traditional business.
  • Selling Value: How to Win More Deals at Higher Prices, takes his years of pricing expertise and applies it to sales with surprising insights.

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