For Event Organizers and Meeting Planners

Mark wants to be the easiest to work with speaker you’ve had the chance to work with.  He also promises to be one of the highest value speakers you hire bringing unmatched value and practical takeaways for your audience in every presentation he delivers.  Mark is accessible, friendly and a down to earth kind of speaker who lets your audience feel at ease and feel like they’re a part of the conversation.  

In a first effort to make hiring Mark easy and as seamless as possible, we’ve provided all of the necessary collateral you’ll need to effectively represent Mark in your event promotion efforts.  If there’s anything you need that is not included here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my team.   

See Mark in Action

We thought it might be helpful to see Mark deliver a recent presentation to a live audience so you can see for yourself why he’s the popular choice.