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About Mark

Impact Pricing LLC was formed January 1, 2019 with a mission to help companies understand and implement value based pricing. We are not a consulting firm. Consultants can get you great ROI by completing projects inside your company. We are dedicated to delivering massive ROI by educating your people on value. How to create value. How to communicate value. How to capture value.

Mark Stiving has a Ph.D. in Marketing (Pricing) from UC Berkeley. He wrote a book on pricing. He has blogged on pricing since 2011. He was a pricing executive for several years. He has taught and mentored hundreds of companies. Mark knows pricing.

Mark is also a phenomenal speaker and trainer. He taught at Ohio State, UC Irvine Executive Program, to private companies and full time for over five years with Pragmatic Marketing. Mark can speak.

Combining these two passions, pricing and speaking, it only makes sense that Impact Pricing LLC was born.