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“What was most powerful about working with Mark is that he spends the time actually getting to know your business and helps you do the necessary work required to arrive at an actionable pricing strategy and specific tactics. This is not some theoretical/academic exercise. Mark makes sure that the companies he works with leave the workshop with several specific pricing motions, and holds them accountable to actually executing on these agreed upon decisions. Working with Mark was worth every penny, and I highly recommend his workshops / bootcamps.”
Mike Rozenfeld
CEO at Waverock Software

“Mark has been a fantastic partner to Pacific Lake and to the search fund entrepreneurs he’s worked with. He’s a natural and talented educator. Pricing is a team sport that requires many stakeholders to be involved for success. Mark’s top-notch abilities as an educator and communicator make it easier to get everyone on the same page. It also means he can host education bootcamps for larger groups. These are very high ROI.

The depth of his experience in pricing means that he can quickly home in on the important question to ask or topic to address. This means that Mark can have an impact in just a few conversations with a company.

Finally, Mark loves pricing, loves educating, and loves coaching companies. He’s doing what he loves and, because of that, he does it with passion and energy.”

Federico de la Balze
Director at Pacific Lake Partners
“We engaged Mark Stiving and Impact Pricing to review and refine our pricing strategy. We went into it expecting some best practices and tips for improving our pricing process. What we got was that plus a whole lot more and all of it was packaged in a crisp few meetings and a one-day workshop. My favorite part was how Mark was able to link pricing to the Go To Market strategy and the value-creation process. That makes pricing a win-win conversation with customers rather than a contentious one-way argumentfor a vendor to charge their customers more. I would highly recommend Mark and Impact Pricing.”
Girish Pashilkar
CEO at BP Logix

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“His ability to develop trust, engage people where they are, and challenge them to take new perspectives is remarkable. Within hours, Mark had seasoned veterans see the value they were providing their customers in a way they had overlooked for decades. Not only did we identify some pragmatic ways to grow the business, but we also now have a team with renewed pride in their products and services.“

Allan Lamar
Operating Partner at Banyan Software

“During every conversation, Mark quickly identifies the highest-impact opportunities, and he has an amazing ability to translate fundamental concepts into specific and actionable recommendations. I also very much appreciate his personable and engaging way of interacting with his clients!”

Johannes Ziegler
Founder and CEO of Miaplaza Inc.

Mark’s value is not just in advice on pricing mechanisms but truly unearthing the most relevant drivers of value to the customer and building a pricing philosophy from there.”

Reed Fawell
Operating Partner at Banyan Software

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”Every business in the Pacific Lake portfolio would benefit from this. It forces you to stop thinking about the features and technicality, and focus on the value you’re giving to the customer. You become really sticky if you know how you add value and can increase prices accordingly.” 
Hannah Greenberg
CEO of Eleven Software
“I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. The pricing bootcamp he led was hands on, tactical, realistic, and rooted in principles of fairness given actual value delivered to customers. His materials are concise and on point and reinforced by personal attention and a sincere (and successful) effort to understand your business’s unit economics and industry dynamics. That’s all easy to say and true. But perhaps the highest praise I can give is to share that Ascend has and continues to put his recommendations into practice with great results.”
Rob Southern
President and CEO at Ascend
“We came to Mark with an issue of how to change the way our company prices our web-based application. His solution was to teach us how to look at our product through our customers’ eyes and to understand what is and is NOT important to tell our customer. He didn’t just help us to change our pricing model, he helped us to clearly understand how to communicate our value. Since then, our sales have increased by over 200%. I highly recommend Mark and Impact Pricing!”
David Crumbley
COO at CVirtual and Allex Jordan and Associates

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