Valuable Features Framework

The Valuable Features Framework

In most companies I work with, the things that the employees and leaders think about, talk about, and fret about most are features. They know them, they love them, they wish there were more of them.

But, here is an important truth: Customers don’t care about your features.  They care about value.   

What they care about are the few features that deliver them value. In B2B, that value is measured in increased profit.  It could come from increased revenue, better efficiency, or lower risk, but it’s the value, the impact, that buyers pay for, not the features.

That means that in order for your organization to maximize profits, you need to start delivering, highlighting and selling based on value not on features.

The Valuable Features Framework can begin shifting your thinking from features to specific value for specific customers.  You will start identifying which customers value which features the most. 

In our bootcamps, this seemingly simple exercise is the first step to many critical business decisions like market segmentation, price segmentation, product portfolios, sales messaging and so much more. It’s a powerful tool with a lot of potential, and for the first time it’s available to you free of charge. Simply fill out the form and start your journey to building invincible profits.

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