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Memecast #80: Queen of Spades: Experts Buy Features, Everyone Else Buys Benefits

This one is the Queen of Spades from the Selling Value card deck.

It turns out that when we shop for something, especially if it’s something that we’ve never owned before, we’ve never purchased before, we are not experts in the product. We’re trying to learn as much as we can about what makes sense. What’s going to be good for us. Where’s the best bang for our buck. We are not experts in the product category.

And yet, if it’s something that we’ve bought many, many times, as we become expert, then we stop thinking about what are the benefits I need to achieve and we start thinking about what are the features.

Possibly my favorite example of this is imagine buying a computer. I’m guessing you’ve bought many computers in your life and you understand what many of the features do for you. For example, the size of the hard disc or the size of the RAM. And when you walk into a Best Buy store and you’re going to buy a new computer, when the geek says to you, “Yeah, this one does emails and photos really well.” You’re thinking, “Go away, I don’t want to know the benefits. Tell me what’s the size of the hard disc, how much RAM, where’s the processor speed.”

“Features are simply proof points that we can achieve the benefits.”

– Mark Stiving

On the other hand, imagine it was your first computer. And someone walks in and says, “This is a two-gigabit processor with quad processors and two terabytes of hard disc and 256 gigabytes of memory.” And you’re thinking, “Is that good or not?” Because then you need the benefits.

Most of the time, if we’ve got a direct salesperson selling a product, we’re selling to somebody who hasn’t bought the product before. We’re selling to somebody who isn’t an expert. And what that means is we should stop talking about our features, we really need to talk about our benefits. Features are simply proof points that we can achieve the benefits.

We hope you enjoyed this memecast. This is also an example of how Pricing Table Topics works. Grab a deck of our cards, pull out a random card, read the saying, and then talk for one to two minutes about what that card says. This will improve your understanding and more importantly, your ability to communicate important concepts about value.

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Now, go make an impact.

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