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Memecast #78: King of Clubs: Executives Show Interest in Value

This one is the King of Clubs from the Selling Value card deck.

What we really want is for our salespeople to be able to communicate the value of our products to our customers. It turns out that’s so much easier to do when our marketing department has figured out and created the materials and the support to help salespeople go do that. But then marketing has to understand how is it that our customers value our products.

And this is so much easier to do if our product people create products that truly have value to our customers so they understand the value that our customers get from our products. It turns out very few people truly understand how much value we get, and if we want our entire company to truly think about value, to be able to communicate value, create value, capture value, the best and easiest way to do that is for the executive team to show interest about value.

Executives showing interest in value can help drive value to be a mindset inside the entire company.

– Mark Stiving

And what that truly means is that executives should be asking questions, how is it that customers are going to value this new feature, this new product? How much will they value it? How is it different from our competitors and how much do they value that differentiation? What problems are we solving? What problems are we solving our competitors aren’t solving?

Executives showing interest in value can help drive value to be a mindset inside the entire company.

We hope you enjoyed this memecast. This is also an example of how Pricing Table Topics works. Grab a deck of our cards, pull out a random card, read the saying, and then talk for one to two minutes about what that card says. This will improve your understanding and more importantly, your ability to communicate important concepts about value.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email me [email protected]. Now, go make an impact.

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