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Memecast #53: Executive Led Initiatives

Let’s face it, pricing people, we’re typically smart. We have to interact and interface with lots and lots of different departments. But we rarely have the authority to make decisions that impact the entire company.

These decisions could be changing pricing strategies, changing pricing metrics, focusing on market segments that we’re going to go target. It could be getting product people to use value as they make decisions on which products to buy, or marketing people to document what value looks like as they’re doing their marketing messages, teaching salespeople how to sell value.

All of these are crucial when it comes to us helping the company win more deals at higher prices, but we don’t have authority. What we do have is the knowledge typically to help these things happen.

“If we don’t have executives driving pricing initiatives, we’re leaving significant money on the table.”

– Mark Stiving

The only people in the company who have the authority to force these things through, to convince people who might be reluctant to say, “Yes, okay, let’s go try it,” are executives.

If we don’t have executives driving pricing initiatives, or even better yet, driving a culture of value. If our executives aren’t doing this, we’re leaving significant money on the table because there are lots of opportunities for us to go increase profit, we just don’t have the authority.

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Now go make an impact.

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