Value Acceleration Bootcamp

Fast track a new pricing strategy

We help organizations get the revenue they deserve.

Impact Pricing’s Value Acceleration Bootcamp helps organizations uncover the true value they deliver and get paid accordingly. These hands-on sessions bring together leaders from across organizations and portfolios to examine how they build, deliver and talk about value under the guidance of our pricing & value expert. The result: actionable strategies that create real change and deliver invincible profits.

Discover Untapped Revenue – Uncover the distinct and specific value your organization delivers and how to leverage that to unlock profits.

Build Consensus – Align your entire organization around the most profitable path forward.

Implement Confidently – Time-tested frameworks and tools, guided exercises, and individual coaching combine to deliver a proven process for real change.

Get Results – Raise prices without affecting demand, increase EBITDA, maximize valuation, demonstrate impact – these are the types of results every bootcamp delivers. 

Page-Vault raised prices by 180% with negligible impact on unit sales.  Don’t miss out!

What to expect from our bootcamps:

  1. Foundational Session via Zoom – A very fast-paced, highly interactive 3-hour program to teach core profitability strategies and value frameworks.
  2. Application Exercises – Exercises (aka homework) to think through applying these strategies to your company. It can be hard, and you won’t be perfect, but this gives a great start. 
  3. One-on-One Coaching: An hour consultation with Mark to review some of your work to ensure that you arrive at the live bootcamp well prepared. 
  4. Live Bootcamp: A day-and-a-half event where the leadership teams will present their individual work and get and give feedback. Teams will work together, under our expert guidance, to move their ideas forward. The end result: a team aligned on a plan for implementing at least one new strategy to measurably increase profits. 
  5. Implementation Consultation: An opportunity post bootcamp to meet with Mark to review progress and tear down any implementation barriers.

Organizations get the most out of their bootcamps when several executives participate in the entire program. Ideally, that would include the CEO, sales, marketing, and product management, but feel free to substitute others (though there is a maximum of 4 people per company).

Impact Pricing offers private bootcamps (just your company, or 3-4 companies from the same portfolio) for $35,000. A small amount to pay for results that go right to your bottomline.

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