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Memecast #48: Small Improvement

I’m going to try to do a little math with you on this podcast, and imagine we have a company that normally makes a hundred million dollars in revenue. They’ve got costs of $90 million all in. So, they’re making $10 million in profit. And that’s not unrepresentative, that seems pretty reasonable for a lot of companies.

But what happens if we could increase or improve our pricing by 1%? So instead of a hundred million, what if we got 101 million in revenue? Our costs don’t really change so instead of 10 million in profit, now we’re making 11 million in profit. That 1 million in improved pricing went straight to the bottom line. And in the example I just gave you then, a 1% improvement in pricing can lead to a 10% increase in profitability.

This is huge.

“A 1% improvement in pricing can lead to a 10% increase in profitability.”

– Mark Stiving

We should be looking for small places where we can increase pricing because every dollar, when we improve our pricing, goes straight to profitability.

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Now go make an impact.

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