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Memecast #46: Signal of Quality

We all know that price is a signal of quality, but what ends up happening is, over time people learn what the true quality is, and they realize if the prices match that true quality or not. If we’re able to price relative to our true quality, then all is right with our customers in their minds and they’re not going to change their purchase decisions. They’re more likely to stick with us.

Now, what happens if we deliver a ton of quality and we charge a low price? Well, first off, maybe a lot of people aren’t going to find out because they’re using our price as an indicator of quality. And they say, oh, that’s way too inexpensive. It’s not a product that would fit my needs. So, they never learned that yours is great. Once of course, someone buys in and they start using it, then sure, they say, hey, this is a fantastic deal. Maybe they talk about it, word of mouth. The question becomes, can you get people to buy it because it’s such a low price.

On the other hand, let’s say you charge a really high price for something. And then they take it home, they realize, oh, this really isn’t worth that price. Now we get negative word of mouth. People tend not to buy. They’re certainly not going to buy again.

“Price is a signal of quality.” 

– Mark Stiving

It’s so much easier if we could figure out what our quality levels really are and set our prices consistent with what those quality levels are. It’s a great way to build a long-term sustainable business.

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