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Memecast #35: Nobody Cares About Your Features

Nobody cares about your features. They only care about what value your features provide them. 

That happens to be one of my favorite sayings. ‘Nobody cares about your features.’

And what’s pretty fascinating is when you look at companies’ webpages, what do they talk about? 

They talk about their products. They talk about their features and it’s true. Nobody really cares.

Nobody cares about your features. They only care about what value your features provide them.” – Mark Stiving


Actually experts can look at one of your features or look at your product and say, yeah, I know what that does for me.

I know what value, I’m going to be able to get out of this. But how many people are truly experts when they’re shopping for your product? 

Most people look at your features and don’t know if that’s important or not. They don’t know if they need it. 

They don’t know how much value they’re going to get from it.

If they buy your product and use that feature a much better approach is to think about value. 

What does value mean to your customer? And I can tell you what value actually means. It means they have a problem. Can you identify with the problem they’re looking for a result? 

What’s the result they’re hoping to achieve and achieving that result provides value to them.

In the B2B world, that value is measured in dollars in increased profitability. 

Our job needs to be, how do we find the words to resonate with our marketplace?

 How do we find the ways to communicate that we’re providing value to our buyers and not expecting our buyers to look at our feature set and understand what we can do for them.

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