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Memecast #30: Find Buyers that Value Your Product

It seems obvious to me that we want to find the buyers that value our products the most and then sell to them. 

But once we really start to understand what value means, when we start to understand that value is really about solving buyers’ problems, what problems do they have?

What results might they expect and value comes from what’s the impact of those results? Once we understand that well, we start looking around and we look at many, many different potential customers or even existing customers. We can start to articulate, which are the problems that are most painful.

Find the buyers that value your product the most. Sell to them.”

– Mark Stiving


What are the results? People who have those problems are most likely going to experience going to achieve. And then finally, how important, how valuable, how impactful is it when people get that? When we can identify that. Now it’s easy for us to say, oh, these are the people. Or at least these are the problems that are most impactful and that have the most value to solve.

That’s where we should be spending our time. When we try to spend our time on selling products to people who don’t value the solution or the results very much, we’re really wasting our time putting in tons of effort.

Find the buyers, the value, your product, the most. Sell to them. 

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Now go make an impact.

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