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Memecast #25: Business is Getting Paid for Value

It may be true that they’re going to get the value. It may not be true that they’re going to get the value, but they believe they’re going to get the value.

And what we need to do is make sure we understand what our customers or our buyers are looking for. 

“Business, in its simplest form, is getting paid for providing value to the customer.”

– Mark Stiving


What does value mean?

Typically, we could think of this as our buyers have a problem they need to solve, they have a result they’re trying to achieve and aspiration thereafter.

The only reason that people buy a product from us or from anybody. If they perceive value.

If we can help our customers understand what our value is and the more they understand our value. The more likely they are to buy. And in fact, the more likely they are to pay us a higher price. 

Because when we think about business, business is really about us giving value to our customers and in exchange, they give us money.

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