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Memecast #21: Customer Success Creates Value

We know that we have to subscription companies have to win customers, keep customers, grow customers.

This is really about keeping customers and we should have a customer success department that is watching usage. Watching are people really getting value from our product.

Those who are using our product a lot are getting a lot of value and hence are very unlikely to churn.

Subscription businesses need you to use and like their product to keep you buying it. Customer success creates value.

– Mark Stiving


Those that stop using decrease using aren’t using the right features, the people who aren’t getting as much value from our product, they’re much more likely to churn.

Our customer success departments should be watching who’s using what and how much, and then helping those who aren’t using the product enough to see the value.

To be able to use the product more because the more they use it, the more value they get, the less likely they are to get.

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