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Memecast #19: Pricing Must be Simple

Yes, we might have a really complicated pricing scheme pricing process that we have internal, although there are lots of reasons why we may not want that because it’s complex for us to manage. 

But that’s better than making a complex for our buyers. In the world of what we are showing to our buyers, we need pricing to look simple, we need it easy for buyers to make decisions, because confused buyers don’t buy. 

And if we can’t simplify the way we present pricing to our buyers, we’re hurting our marketplace. My favorite company for how they do this is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is defined in four different market segments. 

Those are recruiters, jobseeker sales people and professionals, which means everybody else. Inside each one of those four segments, they have good, better, best offerings. 

“Pricing can be complex internally, but must look simple to the buyer.

– Mark Stiving


What we want to be able to do is emulate this because if you think about being a buyer  from LinkedIn, or you want to buy one of Linkedin’s products, you say, ‘Hey, I’m a salesperson.’

 And now you can see the choices of what it is that you might want. And they make it simple for us to see, understand and choose. 

Even though behind the scenes, they’ve got at least 12 different packages plus a whole bunch of different options and they’re managing a lot of different things. 

Their buyers see very little of that, and the choices the buyers make are much much simpler.

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