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Memecast #18: Customer Success vs. Tech Support: What’s the difference?


Tech support is reactive and prevents unhappy customers. Customer success is proactive and generates customer delight. Customer success creates additional value.

These are solving problems that our current customers have and typically customers are going to call us. They say, ‘Hey, I’m not getting delivery or, Hey, I don’t know how to use this. We’re being reactive and supporting our customers. And yet in this recurring revenue world, we really need to be proactive. 

We need to make sure our buyers are using our product.

They’re getting value from our product, because if we want them to pay us month after month after month, they’d better be receiving value. That’s where the customer success department comes in. 

“Subscription businesses need you to use and like their product for you to keep buying it.– Mark Stiving


Customer success needs to be watching. Who’s using the product. How are they using the product? How much are they using the product?

Are they truly getting value? The way we would expect them to? And as customer success helps our individual customers get more and more value from our product. 

It makes it less likely that our customers are going to churn out. And B makes it more likely that our customers will end up buying more from us in the future, either through usage or upgrades or, or even cross selling or buying something different from us in the end customer success, that proactive activity is creating value to our marketplace.

And it’s something that we’ll end up capturing in higher  prices or more sales. 

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