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Memecast #17: Create, Communicate and Capture More Value for Your Business

Values should drive most business decisions

Yes, it’s true. Value should be.

Almost everything that goes on inside your business. I learned this because I’m a pricing guy as a pricing guy. What we think about is, “Hey, I’ve got this product. What’s the value of that to my buyer? To my customer? How much would they be willing to pay me?” 

But once you start thinking that way you realize, “Well, did we actually create a product that had value to our customers? Could we change the product? Could we create products that have even more value?” And then we start thinking.

Well, how well does marketing do at communicating the value?

Value is that thing that really should be driving everything in our business.

– Mark Stiving


Once I understand what buyers are truly valuing and how much they’re willing to pay, do we put those things in our marketing messages? Are we finding the right types of buyers?

And then you start thinking, will the salespeople truly understand the way buyers value the product, and can they help individual customers understand that value even better?

In the end, value is that thing that really should be driving everything in our business. 

I like to think of it as we need to create, communicate and capture more value. And that’s really what makes a business successful.

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Now go make an impact.

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