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Memecast #15: Win, Keep and Grow Each Needs Focus

Win, keep, and grow are three different revenue buckets that any subscription company has to manage. 

You have to put resources into winning customers, you have to put resources into keeping customers, you have to put resources into growing customers. 

What’s fascinating is that most of the time when you invest when you do marketing tactics, you’re impacting one of those three. And even if it goes across more than one, you’re probably doing it for a specific reason.

“Win, keep, and grow, each needs its own focus.” – Mark Stiving


My recommendation, go through all of the tasks that you have, and identify which of these three revenue buckets are you focused on, you focused on winning or keeping or growing customers. 

My guess is you’re probably focused on winning and keeping a lot and there are very few things there for growing that might indicate to you it’s time to shift a few of your resources. 

But regardless, each bucket needs its own focus. You can’t succeed by default.

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