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Memecast #12: Customer Success

Customer Success is that department where we want to onboard

We want to make sure they’re using their product, getting as much value out of our product as possible.

Because companies that use our product a lot are much less likely to churn out.

We think of customer success as reducing churn as a way to keep our customers then absolutely it is and it absolutely should be. 

“Customer Success creates real value that we can capture now in retention revenue, and someday in expansion revenue.”– Mark Stiving


But what really happens that’s super valuable is the more we can teach our customers to use our product, the more value they get out of our product, the more likely they are to upgrade.

The more likely they are to stay if we raise their prices, the more they love us and we consider other products or the more they use our product, and they end up paying us more because of our pricing metric. 

Customer Success then not only helps us with retention, but it’s probably even more value in expansion. 

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