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I rarely remember movies, but there are a few classic scenes that stick in my head.

One of those is the scene in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire where Cuba Gooding Junior’s character Rod Tidwell tells Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) that they have a motto in their house: “Show me the money.” It’s a two-minute scene where Tidwell gets Maguire to yell that motto back to him … with feeling. I just watched it again and it still makes me smile. 

But let’s learn a lesson from that scene. What did Tidwell value? The answer is obvious, money. Tidwell could have been yelling “Show me the value,” but that just wasn’t specific enough. Tidwell knew what he valued. He valued money. 

Your buyers are yelling at you, “Show me the value!” The sad part is most of them don’t know what they value. They can’t narrow it down like Tidwell could. Tidwell wanted money. Your buyers want … something. What is it? 

No, they don’t want your product. They want what your product does for them. They have problems they need to solve. They have results they want to achieve. This is where the value is. 

If you want to win more business (at higher prices), you need to determine what your buyers truly value. Once you do, you can then “Show them the value!” And that, in turn, will make them show you the money.

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