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Impact Pricing - Growth Comes from Value

Growth Comes from Value

There are only two ways to increase your revenue (and profit): win more customers and grow your current customers so they give you more money. 

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Impact Pricing - Software Shrinkflation

Software Shrinkflation

Shrinkflation is commonly found in grocery stores.  Instead of raising the price of a can of Pringles, they keep the price the same and reduce

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Impact Pricing - Defining Value

Defining Value

Value is ambiguous.  People think they know what they mean when they say it, but it has so many different meanings.  A couple of years

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Impact Pricing - Why Do They Buy?

Why Do They Buy?

Last week I had the pleasure of working with a company whose CEO had been to a pricing bootcamp and asked me to do a

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Impact Pricing - Price Segmentation through Negotiation

Price Segmentation by Negotiating

If your salespeople negotiate prices with individual customers, you use price segmentation.  The question is, are you using it well?  Price segmentation means charging different

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