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Many professional football players also take ballet lessons.  Let that sink in.  Big burly athletes go to a dainty dance instructor for lessons.  Picture them pointing their toes, kicking up their legs, twirling. What’s up with that?  What does a ballet instructor know about football?  

Maybe nothing.  But the skills that football players develop in ballet are extremely beneficial on the football field.  They gain flexibility, agility, and different muscle strength.  Ballet improves their balance and coordination.  It realigns their center of gravity so they don’t fall as easily.  Ballet improves abilities that are vital to success on the football field.  

Pricing is to sales, like ballet is to football.  Salespeople may never become professional pricers, but learning about pricing can help salespeople be more successful.  Specifically, salespeople should learn about value-based pricing.  

As value-based pricers, we focus almost exclusively on how buyers value our products.  The better we understand customer perceptions of value, the better we can create pricing strategies and tactics to capture more of that value.  The exact same is true for Salespeople. 

If salespeople could better understand how their customers discover value during their buying journey, the better they can help buyers make the best decision. As salespeople master how customers perceive value, they will have better more meaningful conversations with their buyers resulting in closing more deals, faster, and at higher prices.

That is why I wrote the book, Selling Value: How to Win More Deals at Higher Prices. It’s a skill so few salespeople master, yet it’s vital to helping buyers realize all of the value you offer them.  

The best football players in the world take ballet.  Even if you have great salespeople already, couldn’t they be even better by internalizing how your customers perceive value?  It’s better than learning a pirouette.

If you’d like your salespeople to learn about value from “America’s Best Pricing Educator”, reach out to me, [email protected].  

Now, go make an Impact!

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