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A Nespresso Price Increase

As a Nespresso customer, I recently received this email announcing a price increase. 


Dear Valued Nespresso Customer, 

We want to inform you that beginning January 3, 2023, you will see an increase in our coffee prices on, our Nespresso app, and in the Nespresso Boutiques. The price of our coffee sleeves will increase by approximately $1. 

We remain committed to maintaining the high-quality product and customer service that you have come to expect from Nespresso. That said, the coffee industry has experienced several recent challenges, including high shipping and transportation costs as well as extreme weather in regions where coffee is grown. Nespresso also continues to pay quality and sustainability premiums to farmers to help them produce coffee profitability. These factors have all contributed to increasing coffee prices in the new year.  

We hope that by informing you in advance of this increase, you will be able to plan your upcoming Nespresso orders accordingly. You may choose to shop now and through the end of the year at the current prices online or in your local Boutique



Nespresso USA


Not bad.  Notice they blame increasing costs.  They tried to do “something nice” by allowing us to pre-order through the end of the year at current prices.  

They omitted two things they may have been able to add.  I usually recommend companies talk about the value they have recently added.  In their case, there may not be any recent additional capabilities, but they highlight their quality and sustainability premiums to allude to their value.  And, if true, they could have said, “we’ve held the prices down for 3 years.” 

Writing these emails is not easy.  You want to create a tone of how you’re looking out for your customers but are forced to do something you don’t want to do.  In this case, Nespresso seems to have done well. 


Now, go make an impact!

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