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Call It Customer Impact!

Business is all about value. I believe this deeply in my bones. Companies exist to create real value. Marketing and sales convert real value into customer

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The Art of Pricing

Ask pricing experts whether pricing is an art or a science and every one will respond with “both.” The science side is easy to understand

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The Price/Value Tradeoff

Buyers only buy when they perceive the value is higher than the price. If you don’t have enough buyers, either your price is too high or

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Impact Pricing - Don't Sell “Credits”

Don’t Sell “Credits”

Many very successful companies have been pricing by the “credit.” A credit is a metric they made up.  It’s usually some representation of the amount of

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Failed to Keep

My dad died in January and since then I have been checking his email accounts. (I’m the executor of his will and don’t want anything to

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