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Impact Pricing - Interesting Starlink Price Changes

Interesting Starlink Price Changes

A follower forwarded this Starlink announcement: “The Starlink monthly service for residential customers is changing as follows: $10 increase in areas with limited capacity. New

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Impact Pricing - Wow! A Price Decrease

Wow! A Price Decrease

Paramount+ just sent out an email announcing a price decrease.  Here is the text: Your Plan Price Has Changed Dear Customer, Great news! As of

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Impact Pricing - A Price Signaling Example?

A Price Signaling Example?

First, let me say, “I don’t know.”  What you are about to read is speculation.  But, even if my interpretation is incorrect, it’s still a

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Impact Pricing - A Nespresso Price Increase

A Nespresso Price Increase

As a Nespresso customer, I recently received this email announcing a price increase.    Dear Valued Nespresso Customer,  We want to inform you that beginning

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