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The Best Attitude for a Great Value Conversation

The ability to have a value conversation is an incredibly powerful skill. Usually, salespeople use this tool, but product managers, marketers, and pricing people can also benefit.  

Essentially we are trying to learn how much value any single customer may receive from our product. Think about that for a moment. A value conversation is a tool to help you understand which attributes of your product or service are most important to a customer. What problems the customer is trying to solve. What results they are hoping to achieve. And how much additional profit they will make if they use your product. This is GOLD. Of course, you want to learn to have a value conversation.  

But why would customers share that valuable information with you? You are just going to use it to raise their prices. At least that may be what you are thinking.  

I suggest you change your attitude.  

Think of Value Conversations in the following way: You don’t know how much value any individual buyer will get from your product because you don’t know everything about that buyer’s situation. Likewise, the buyer doesn’t know how much value they will get from your product because they don’t know your product and its use cases as well as you do. 

In other words, you have to work with the buyer for either of you to learn how much value the buyer could reasonably expect.  

The buyer wants to know value too! The buyer has to decide if this is a good use of their resources. The individual you are working with may have to sell the project up the chain of command, and articulating value clearly will help them succeed.  

The attitude I recommend is how you can help the buyer discover and quantify value. You are helping your buyer make better decisions while helping yourself learn about their value.  

Value conversations are incredibly powerful tools I highly recommend you learn and use. Hopefully, having an attitude of being helpful to your buyer will make you more comfortable doing them.  

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