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Right or Effective?

I’m smart (probably like you).  I used to be arrogant and stubborn too, but that didn’t help my career much. 

I recall KNOWING I was right.  A roomful of people may disagree with me, but I was not giving in.  I was RIGHT!  I would fight to the death.  Of course, I didn’t make friends, the projects didn’t move forward, and I didn’t get promoted, but I was sure I was right.  (btw, I wasn’t necessarily right.)

One day, one of my mentors convinced me that achieving the goal was more important than whether or not I was right.  What gets to the goal faster, being right, or making progress?  Sometimes getting to the best right answer is important. Most of the time, it’s more effective to get to a consensus and move the project forward.  

This lesson is one of many that helped my career take off.  When I talk to pricing people about their situations, I often ask, “Do you want to be right or effective?”  

I carry this lesson into my consulting career.  I tell my clients I run a ruthless sanctuary.  I always tell them exactly what I think.  They make all decisions.  I support their decisions 100%.  It doesn’t matter if they decide in the direction I suggest or not.  

My advice to everyone in business is to put the goal above yourself.  Whatever project you’re working on, will you reach the goal more effectively by fighting for what you think is right or by looking for consensus and moving the team forward? Most of the time, it’s the latter.  Great leaders build consensus.  

Children cry when they don’t get their way.  We are adults.  We want to be leaders.  We can bend.  That doesn’t mean never fight, but pick your battles carefully.  I wish I learned this lesson much earlier in life.

So, would you rather be right or effective?  I’d love to hear your story. Please share comments on the LinkedIn post.

Now, go make an impact!

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