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Q&A: Data Visualization and Pricing

Question:  Do you have any examples of Data Visualization for Pricing Strategy purposes. Let’s say Price vs. Volume curves or Price vs. Competitor prices, do you use this technology at all? Power Bi? Tableau? Javier Lombardi

 None that I can share.  However, here are two answers that will hopefully help you on your journey.
First, make up your own.  Identify your key KPIs.  These are probably things like ASP, discount size, margin, revenue, new logos.  Then, brainstorm on what characteristics should or may be correlated with them.  Graph these.  Often you want to see these over time.


For example, if you think the market segment may be correlated with ASP (Average Selling Price), graph the ASP per market segment.  You will be able to see if and how it changes over time.  Then, if you find an interesting trend, you can dig in even more.  Add a third variable to learn even more.

The key is to try things that will help you predict or understand your key KPIs.  Step 1 is to identify those key KPIs.

The second answer is to borrow from others.  Companies that sell pricing software have reporting capability.  They only add new reports when customers ask for them or if one of their researchers finds something fascinating.  Comb through their websites and demos to find lots of different charts and graphs. If you have the data, you should be able to replicate their charts in your BI system.  Here are a few pricing software companies to look at.  Readers, feel free to add more in the comments.

PROS, Zilliant, Model N, Price f(x), Vistaar, and many more.
Hope that helps.
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