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Next Book Title?

Two weeks ago I asked for your help.  Pricing people do much more than pricing, and I want to write a book to describe it.  I asked for your help with titles.  

Many of you offered suggestions, and I am thrilled. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I liked many of the titles that mentioned pricing directly and ones that implied pricing without using the word price.  Some of my favorites were: 

  • Behind the Number
  • Pricing – so much MORE than just a number!
  • Price Strategy: It’s not what you think it is
  • More Than a Number: the hidden value of pricing
  • Price, The Exchange for a Solution
  • How much is this book worth?

However, I am avoiding these because I don’t want the book to be a pricing book.  What I really want the book to be about is that once pricing people help determine how customers perceive value, they and their companies can do so much more with that information.  Here are three that captured my attention, but didn’t quite hit the mark.  

  • Chasing Value
  • A Valuable World
  • Value-Based Everything

However, Debra Patek suggested a title that may be spot on.  “Leveraging Value.”  It means precisely what I’m thinking.  How companies can leverage the value they already create into additional profits. As I’ve mentioned this title to others, some people are not thrilled with the word “leveraging.” They feel it’s overused, but I don’t have a better word yet.  That said, here is the current working title that I’m using until something better comes along. 

  • Leveraging Value:  How Leaders Drive Soaring Profits.

Please share your thoughts or other potential titles or subtitles.  I’d love to hear them. Share your comments on the LinkedIn post. And to everyone who contributed ideas, Thank You!

Now, go make an impact!

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