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Expert-Approved Pricing Insights at Your Fingertips: Discover Our Custom Pricing GPT

Where should you turn when you have burning pricing questions? Obviously, I want the answer to be me. I love helping companies with all of their pricing questions and challenges. But I know that’s not always feasible, I mean I do sleep sometimes.

So, what about popping in to ChatGPT or a similar generative AI system and asking it a pricing question? The answers you get aren’t horrible, but they don’t always match up with what my experience shows me works. Why? Because they pull from the entirety of writings on the web. Since nobody has to be certified to publish their opinion on pricing strategies and tactics, there is a lot of bad information out there. For example, think about how many people still believe in cost plus pricing. If they write about it, it becomes data that feeds AI.

I wanted a GPT I could trust. That’s why I recently released Pricing GPT. To be fair, Pricing GPT isn’t perfect, but it’s better. By that I mean it gives answers more consistent with the ways I think about pricing to optimize profitability.

Here is what it was instructed to do:

  1. Look in all of my content for answers. I uploaded all 3 of my books and all my blogs directly into Pricing GPT. If you want to test this, ask a question about will i or which one. I may be the only pricing person who talks about that. (I have no idea why others don’t. It’s fundamental.)
  2. If my content doesn’t answer the question, prioritize using content from pricing professionals I trust. I created a list of people who publish thought leadership that I almost always agree with. (No, I’m not going to share this list with you, mostly because I don’t want to offend anyone who may not be on the list.)

Please play with it. Let me know what you think. I want to hear both your positive and negative experiences. I’ll continue to tweak it over time to hopefully make it better and better.

Share your comments on the LinkedIn post.

Now, go make an impact (maybe with a little help from PricingGPT)!

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