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Another Ridiculous Fee



Companies get to do whatever they want.  Buyers just decide whether or not to buy from them.  

I was sitting in Las Vegas, taking a course in a suite at the MGM Grand, when I saw this sign.  It struck me as ridiculous.  

I travel a lot, and most hotel rooms nowadays have mini refrigerators in them, at least the ones I frequent.   So why would the MGM put this fee in place?  Answer:  because they can. 

Sure, it takes time for someone to go through and count what’s in the mini bar after a guest leaves.  They want to save that expense.  Also, they may be able to earn an extra $35/day by renting a refrigerator.  This may be especially important considering some people may choose to eat food bought at a grocery instead of dining at the overpriced restaurants in the resort.  

In a way, this is smart pricing.  They bring you in with affordable prices and then sell you more when you’re only making Will I decisions.  Yet this one feels like it goes too far.  There is already a refrigerator in the room, but you can’t use it.  It’s only there for MGM to store items you may be able to buy.  

What do you think?  Too much?  Or smart pricing?  


Now, go make an impact. 




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