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NRR Is Challenging

Why Your NRR Isn’t Better

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) has become a key indicator for businesses with recurring revenues. It measures revenue growth from current customers. For instance, an NRR

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Impact Pricing - Learning from iPhone Pricing

Learning from iPhone Pricing

Apple recently announced its new iPhone 15.  Here is their new pricing and how it compares to the iPhone 14 pricing:  Several articles justified the

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Impact Pricing - Two Ways to Grow Revenue

Two Ways to Grow Revenue

There are only two ways your company can grow.  Win new customers and get more money from your current customers.   I know, Captain Obvious.  But

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Impact Pricing - Defining Value

Defining Value

Value is ambiguous.  People think they know what they mean when they say it, but it has so many different meanings.  A couple of years

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