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What Selling Value Means

Value has many meanings.  So, selling value can also be ambiguous.  As I talk with sales professionals about selling value, they often bring up the value of the relationship.  And yes, great salespeople are awesome at building relationships. It’s an important skill (which I don’t have). I’d say most decent salespeople have this skill.  

Although relationships are important, they are definitely not sufficient in B2B sales.  A key skill that most salespeople are missing is the ability to help the buyer build a business case.  

Most salespeople have a sense of what is valuable to a client, and probably even talk about the key features that drive value.  But they don’t go through the step-by-step process of building a business case.  

Many buyers probably haven’t built a business case either.  Yet if they did, they would be more confident they are spending money wisely.  A business case will help them justify their purchase decision.  

Imagine the appreciation a customer would show to the sole salesperson who helps him/her deeply understand the value they could expect.  The salesperson has probably seen many similar situations.  This may be the first time a buyer is trying to buy.  

Face it, customers don’t know how much economic value they will receive from buying a new product.  And neither does the salesperson.  Only by working together can a buyer and salesperson accurately calculate the value, important information for both parties to know. 

Now to go full circle.  The first (and likely only) salesperson who helps a buyer create their business case builds a stronger relationship.  This salesperson is most likely to win, on both counts. 

To me, selling value means helping build the business case

Now, go make an Impact!


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