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My new book is out! My new book is out! Yes, even though it’s my third, this one just gets me so excited.  Please indulge me to tell you about it.  

I’ve been in pricing for many years, but finally applied what I know to sales. The purpose of Selling Value is to help salespeople win more deals at higher prices. To help them communicate value to buyers the way buyers want to hear it.  

I don’t claim to be a sales expert, but I am a value expert. Very few people I’ve met truly understand value, and all of them may have been in pricing. If we are asking our salespeople to sell value, shouldn’t they know what that means?  

The book has 3 parts.  The first part unravels the ambiguity of what value means. It explores how buyers use value to make decisions. I really like chapter 4 that describes value tables, a technique companies can use to document how buyers value their products.  

The second part is about actions salespeople can take once they understand value. I introduce value journeys, how a buyer goes about learning about the value of your product in order to make decisions. Once salespeople can recognize the value journey their buyer is on, they are able to communicate more effectively by focusing on what’s important to the buyer. Understanding and recognizing value journeys will help sales in many of their activities.  

The third part is about how the rest of the company can help sales. It provides many ideas for several different departments. Product people can build product with more value. Marketing people can communicate about value. Sales management can incentivize salespeople to hold prices, while still discounting when necessary.   

Thanks for letting me talk about the book. I honestly believe this one has the potential to make millions of dollars for companies. I would be very grateful if you would purchase it on Amazon, read it, and write a review. Better still, give it to a salesperson and see what they say.  

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