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Champions of Value: Our New Online Community

As many of you may know, we recently launched a new website called Champions Of Value. We did this for two huge reasons, one strategic and one practical.

The strategic reason is Impact Pricing is too narrow. Although I love pricing, too many people think they don’t deal with pricing. But if you are using value based pricing (if you aren’t already, you should be) – then the focus has to shift to value. And everybody in your company either creates or destroys value in your market. Do they know it?

On the practical side, we did this because needed a platform to host our courses and our forthcoming community. We could have fought the IT battle of plugins on our WordPress site, but we’d rather focus on sharing content than solving tech problems. So we adopted Kajabi as our platform and Champions of Value was created.

What is Champions of Value?

Champions of Value is intended to help build the careers of people who are champions of value. Imagine what truly understanding value would mean to your career. If you are a product manager defining next generation products, or even the next release, when you define features that buyers and users value, the products will sell easier/better/faster and for more money. If you do that consistently, surely that will be recognized and you will be promoted.

If you are in marketing trying to fill the sales funnel with new leads, when you communicate with your buyers in language that talks about the value they will receive, they will take notice. When you don’t understand value, all you can do is talk about your product and features. Let me assure you, nobody cares about your product.

If you’re in sales, part of your job is to learn how each individual buyer perceives value and then communicate how your product provides that value.

Understanding Value Based Pricing

If you are pricing professional, you already know that your company should be using value based pricing. Champions of Value will help you understand how to explain it inside your company, and how to build more credibility. We built Champions of Value to help you spread the gospel of value. We want to help you make value a well understood concept within your organization, one that should drive many, if not most, of your business decisions.

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