xValue Based Mindset

Every customer touch point creates or destroys value!
Every employee creates or destroys value!

These are two absolute truths.  If you are building a company culture that emphasizes value to your customers, then your employees need a value-based mindset. 

This three-hour training focuses on several fundamental concepts of value and how your employees affect them.  

There is functional value, or the reason why buyers choose your product over the competition.  And there is supplemental value, or reasons they want to buy from your company over your competitors.  Product managers, marketers, engineering, and salespeople have a direct impact on functional value.  Every employee impacts supplemental value.  

When each employee realizes their own impact on how buyers make purchase decisions, they are more likely to add value than to detract from it.  

Value-Based Mindset is a 3-hour seminar for up to 40 people at a time.  The first highly-customized seminar is $15,000.  Each subsequent delivery is $7,500.