Ep111: Involve and Engage C-Suite Executives in Championing the Pricing Journey with Stephan Liozu

  Stephan Liozu is the Chief Value Officer at Thales. His expertise includes Customer value modeling, value proposition design & value-based pricing, Business model innovation & differentiation strategies, Creative & disruptive innovation strategies, Change management & leadership training. In this episode, Stephan shares how important it is for C-suite to be more than just focusing … Read more

Ep110: Pricing Consistency From a Customer’s Point of View with Alon Ellis

  Alon Ellis is a partner at Deloitte Monitor. He is leading Deloitte Australia’s Pricing Strategy & Margin Management capability In this episode, Alon shares how he believes it is value-based pricing but understands what value means not from your perspective but on customers’. He talks about not giving everything away to the customer as … Read more

Ep109: Pricing Big Deals with Brian Sharp

Brian Sharp is an Innovative Sales, Marketing & Pricing leader with a track record of driving step-change improvement in the enterprise’s financials through institutionalization of value-led disciplines. His expertise is integrating pricing and value disciplines across Sales, Marketing, Innovation, Supply Chain, Technology and Finance functions in large or complex organizations.   In this episode, Brian talks about value … Read more

Ep108: The “Pay What You Want Model”: Does It Really Work? with Zen Ore

Zen Ore, a.k.a. “that pricing guy”, is a respected consultant who helped business across Australia, UK, USA, and Israel. Zen’s background is in procurement, negotiations, and deal structure, which gave him quite the reputation with pricing teams he opposed in negotiations.  After years in operations management roles, he specialized in analytics and BI, leveraging his … Read more

Ep107: The Secret to a Profitable SaaS Company with Maciej Kraus

Maciej Kraus is an experienced strategy executive with a broad operational background. He specializes in pricing and sales excellence in B2B, B2C, and retail markets. He worked both for leading multinationals as well as SMEs. He is also a guest lecturer at Stanford and LBS and an author of 2 books on Sales, Strategy, and … Read more

Ep106: 10 Signs your Revenue is Scalable with Chris Hopf

  Chris Hopf is a Trusted and Respected Monetization + Pricing Strategy Consultant to Innovative Software and Technology Market Leaders. He helps innovative software and technology companies of all sizes create, recognize and capitalize on opportunities to achieve their full market potential – every day – every transaction. For more than twenty-five years, he has worked as … Read more

Ep105: Pricing in IT: Is Cost Plus the Only Way? with Love Sanoria

    Love Sanoria is the Director of Operations at ChargePoint. He is also a Professionally Qualified Senior Finance business partner adept at increasing profitability, having significant all-round corporate experience of 16+ years in Finance & Accounts domain. He is a subject matter expert in creating processes for driving financial forecast & annual budget for … Read more

Ep104: The Power of Rebates For B2B Businesses with Andrew Butt

    Andrew Butt is a Co-founder & CEO of a Silicon Valley venture-backed SaaS platform called Enable, which deals with rebate management. He has been a director of several other companies and not-for-profits. He has started and grown multiple businesses into profit and positive cash flow, including exit to PE. In this episode, Andrew … Read more

Ep103: The Power of Behavioral Economics in Pricing with Florian Bauer

Florian Bauer is an internationally sought-after expert and speaker on the subject of price psychology and behavioral pricing. He is an honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich and author of several books on price research. He also has a doctorate in Psychology at TU Darmstadt, MIT, and Harvard. In this episode, Florian talks … Read more

Ep102: Unlocking the Black Box of Pricing: Why Pricing is So Easy in Theory but Not in Reality with Alessandro Monti

Alessandro Monti is a pricing enthusiast and expert on all topics related to monetization, conversion, upselling, and digital pricing history. He’s an experienced consultant, advisor, mentor, and speaker in all fields related to price management, sales excellence, marketing, and corporate strategies. He’s also a dedicated professor and lecturer for Marketing, Pricing, Sales and Digital Transformation … Read more