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Should you raise your prices?  Lower them? Is your sales team frequently discounting? Do you see all of these new pricing models and don’t know if they’re for you?  Do you get paid for the value you truly deliver?

Most companies are confused by pricing.  They get stuck trying to figure out how much to charge, or they wait until the last minute and don’t give enough thought to their prices. They know they could be doing better, but just don’t know how to improve. Sound familiar?

The first step to more profitable pricing is adopting value-based pricing.  This means, charge what your customers are willing to pay. Very simple concept, yet impossible to do perfectly.  Your goal should be to get better every year, quarter, month or transaction.

Pricing is extremely powerful, yet most companies don’t understand it.

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Learn Pricing Fundamentals

Value-Based Pricing

This is the single most profitable pricing strategy your company can adopt. Value-Based Pricing means simply that you charge what your customers are willing to pay. A simple concept, but not always so easy to put into practice.

Learn more about how to understand and implement Value-Based Pricing here.

Subscription Pricing

Did you know that 70% of revenue comes from existing customers for companies with a 2.5% monthly churn rate?

Many companies are moving to subscription pricing at a rapid rate. Unfortunately, most companies don’t truly understand how subscription pricing works. Learn what subscriptions are and why so many companies are changing their pricing structure, including benefits to both the buyers and the sellers.  Find out what’s different about subscription pricing on our Subscription Pricing page.

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