xValue Discovery Workshop

value discovery workshop

The biggest underlying problems companies face is they don’t understand how their customers perceive their value. Think of a single customer. How much are they willing to pay and why? The answer comes down to how they value your product.

When companies deeply understand customer perceived value, of course they charge more effective prices, but it also transforms the rest of the company. Product teams learn to build products that customers value. Marketing learns to talk about the true value drivers of their market. Sales learns to better help buyers understand the true value.

Our Value Discovery Workshops are designed to help you solve this problem.  In a full day workshop with several of your knowledgeable employees, we will discover the value of one of your products the way your customers think about it. Then we will document this value so others inside your company benefit even though they weren’t in the workshop.

This workshop will help your sales team win more deals at higher prices, will help your marketing team resonate better with their messages, and will help your product team build products that buyers value even more.

An ideal Value Discovery Workshop has between 5 and 10 participants, each having some level of knowledge of the product, market, and customers. These participants should represent several roles possibly including sales, marketing, product management, and pricing.

During the day, you will learn what value means and through a series of exercises you will uncover how your buyers think about value. We use the knowledge of the participants to create this value framework that you can test and quantify with your customers and buyers.

The price for the one day (6-hour) Value Discovery Roundtable is only $15,000. This is minuscule compared to the increased profit your company can make by focusing on customer perceived value.

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Value Discovery RoundTable

A full day workshop with Mark and your team to create a product value framework to aid in increasing product profitability.