xSelling Value Workshop

Buyers Trade Money for Value

The biggest mystery in sales, and in business, has to be how buyers perceive value.  So few people understand this.  Yet, once your sales team internalizes how buyers discover value in their journey toward a purchase, they will be able to help buyers make faster, better decisions while building trust in the relationship.  The good news is that your competitor’s salespeople probably don’t understand value either.  This program will give your salespeople an advantage. 

The topics and exercises included in this program are

  • Buyers’ perceptions of your product’s value
  • Buyers’ value discovery journey
  • Value conversations. 

Buyers perceptions of your product’s value

The first step is to think like a buyer.  You will learn that buyers don’t care about your products.  Instead, they care about the problems you solve, the results they should expect, and the value of those results.  Value Tables are a tool to help you understand and document value from your buyer’s perspective.  

During the workshop, you will create several rows of your own value table to make sure you understand the concept.  You and your team can fill out more of the value table later.

Buyers value discovery journey

First, buyers have to decide to shop for a product like yours.  Then, they go through a journey to learn about the value of solving the problem and the value of your product relative to competitive alternatives.  Typically they try to learn on their using, relying on the internet, friends, and colleagues.   Then, they decide to talk to a salesperson.  At different waypoints on this journey, buyers are looking for different types of information. 

Learning to recognize where a buyer is on their value discovery journey enables a salesperson to give the right information to the buyer at the right time.  Providing too much information at the wrong time can lose the sale, invite competition, and lower your buyer’s willingness to pay.  

During the workshop, you will identify some past or current sales situations that are match three different value journeys.  

Value conversations

Salespeople can not know how much value their product will deliver to any specific customer.  A buyer can not know how much value they will get from your product.  Hence, a salesperson and a buyer must work together to quantify the value.  This is done using a value conversation.  


A value conversation is built upon the value tables already covered.  But instead of “pitching” the value of your product, you are asking questions, looking for items we already quantified in a value table, and then helping the buyer to quantify their own value.  Buyers believe their own number.  They won’t believe yours. 


During the workshop, you will get a chance to role play and practice value conversations using the information you already created for your value table.   


The price for a full day (6-hour) workshop is only $15,000 for up to 30 people.