Do you ever wonder why some subscription companies limp along while others skyrocket to incredible success?  The difference is in their understanding of launching and growing products with recurring revenue. 

Subscription businesses are like most businesses in many ways, but there are huge differences which require a different mindset. 

The first section of Win Keep Grow delivers a simple framework to help businesspeople understand the differences in a subscription business. The framework consists of the three revenue buckets subscription companies must manage and the three value levers subscription companies must master to put their offering in a position for accelerated growth. 

The second section uses the framework to walk the reader through how managing a subscription product evolves as the product matures in the market. For companies who don’t currently have a subscription product, the third and final section prepares companies on what to expect while transitioning to one.

If you are trying to launch a new subscription product, grow an existing subscription, or transition a traditional product to subscription, then do yourself a favor and read Win Keep Grow. It is filled with Aha moments and insights to help your subscription skyrocket

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