Advisor Services

QUARTERLY Advisory services

You want to raise prices … but don’t have the confidence. Mark can help with this or other specific pricing or value initiatives. A weekly call will get Mark up to speed on your products, markets, and goals so he can advise you on your journey.

The first call or two is spent bringing Mark up to speed on topics like your current pricing practices, how customers perceive value, how you look at the segmentation, your competitive landscape, and your products. He will never be as expert as you are on these topics, but a base level understanding helps him choose the best guidance. The act of educating Mark will help you articulate your own situation.

The remainder of the calls are deeper dives into pricing and value topics directly relevant to the decision you want to make. These may include how your customers perceive value, your usable market segments, your pricing metric, product packaging, and price communication.

Typically one quarter works well for one initiative, as long as you are committed to it. Some companies keep Mark on retainer after the quarter to have him available for conversations about pricing and value as needed.

The investment for one quarter of weekly sessions is only $15,000. If this seems high to you, answer the following question: What is the value difference between executing your initiative well or poorly?