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Epic Conjoint

EPIC Conjoint is a full-service Conjoint Analysis solution delivered by Pricing Research Experts, enabling precise B2C and B2B product and pricing commercial insights across 130+ markets within 3 business days. The world’s most successful brands such as Vodafone, Heineken, Philips, Mars, Virgin Media, Shell, and others, trust EPIC Conjoint to deliver game-changing product and pricing insights. EPIC Conjoint’s expert team combines their innovative research platform with deep Pricing domain knowledge to enable clients to better understand their customer’s preferences and make precise product and pricing decisions at speed.

Foundational Customer Insights

Uncover precise Customer Insights for your business in near real-time. Unleash the power of EPIC Conjoint to quickly and accurately decipher customer preferences and needs in order to make informed strategic marketing decisions with confidence

Analysis Process

Our Pricing research experts use the most innovative conjoint analysis software to design conjoint surveys, distribute them to laser targeted audiences, in order to generate precise results to underpin your strategic decisions, all within 1-3 days.

Recruitment Industry Insights

Finding the right data sources on which to base your decisions can feel overwhelming, but getting real business insights always starts with the customer. Imagine if you could capture these insights in near real-time, not having to wait weeks or even months? With EPIC Conjoint you can! We serve Pricing Gurus, Insight Leaders, and Product Heroes.