GPS- Fractional Pricing Expert


GPS or Guidance for Pricing Success is an integrated process that helps your company succeed in pricing and accelerates growth. Trainers teach and leave. Consultants make recommendations and leave. These are short term solutions with short term impact. In contrast, our GPS programs teach you valuable pricing concepts and then hold your hand while you implement them on your specific product initiatives. 

We are your Guide in the short term so your people can do it on their own in the long term.

Of course, getting your pricing wrong can cost your company millions of dollars, but the deadliest mistakes come from not understanding the fundamental driver of pricing… VALUE


has your company made in the past?

Every one of these million-dollar mistakes has the same underlying cause: your team doesn’t understand value.

More importantly, your team doesn’t understand how your buyers perceive value.

our approach to keeping you from making these
million dollar mistakes is different

We combine a balanced combination of training, educating and consulting.
Instead of doing it for you, or teaching and then leaving, we guide and support your people
through each step of the process to help them as they make crucial decisions and execute your new pricing strategy.

This leads to a transformation.  Maybe you want to transform the thinking and effort around a single product.  Maybe you want to transform a team of people, up-leveling their skills and effectiveness.  Or, maybe you want to transform your entire culture into one where the focus is on value.  Regardless of how far you want to drive this, you will need help.  

We offer three programs to help you transform your company:

  • Culture GPS
  • Team GPS
  • Product GPS

The common theme in all three is we provide you a fractional pricing executive, Mark Stiving Ph.D., whose mission is to teach you and your team how to fish.  He’s not there to do your pricing, but he will guide you to pricing success by giving you the knowledge,
tools, and capability to achieve your goals as a company. 

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