PortCo Pricing Best Practices:

How Private Equity Can Drive Value Without Compromising Relationships

About the Speakers

Mark Stiving
CEO of Impact Pricing

“Pricing is the grade you put on your company”

Mark is an internationally renowned pricing expert who helps companies understand value – how to create it, communicate it and capture it. He holds a PhD from U.C. Berkeley and has spent 25+ years working with numerous PE firms to encourage their PortCos to increase their prices without compromising their relationships.

Stephen Plume
Managing Director of The Entrepreneurs’ Fund

“Pricing is where your strategy meets the real world”

Stephen has spent several decades in Silicon Valley, holding a wide range of executive positions – including a stint at Dell in the Dell Software Group. His current role is at an early-stage venture firm focused on B2B SaaS in multiple industries, including digital healthcare, fintech, and martech. Exits from the fund have included Krux, SparkCognition, and TruValue Labs.

Alexis Underwood
Managing Director at Wynnchurch Capital, L.P.

“Pricing is a symptom of business strategy”

Alexis, an experienced executive at Wynnchurch Capital, partners with portfolio company leadership teams to improve their Sales, Product Management and Pricing capabilities to drive increased profitability. She spent 16 years at Koch Industries, where she held various leadership roles realizing key commercial bets at recently acquired companies across consumer goods, packaging and building products.

Make Pricing a Point of Pride, Not Pain

Are your PortCos too afraid of losing customers to increase prices and maximize revenue?

Join three of the country’s leading experts in pricing strategy to learn how private equity firms can ensure their PortCos understand the true value they offer customers – and charge accordingly.

Pricing in a Post-COVID World

Explore how pricing has changed in the post-pandemic landscape – and how value-based selling can help overcome soft demand.

Factoring Pricing into Due Diligence

By understanding a company’s pricing power during due diligence, PE firms gain a much better idea of what that company can be worth. 

Influencing Price Increases

Discover how the most successful PE firms get PortCo management excited about pricing strategy – and make them want to lead the charge.

Help Your PortCos Realize Their True Value

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