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Mark has also appeared on these shows

Mark Stiving – The Price is Right

Mark is an active Toastmaster who wants to take his game to the next level. he was introduced to the northern California chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) by a fellow Toastmaster in this episode you can listen to Mark describe his expertise and that he expects to get out of Pro-Track

Podcast: SubscriptionMaker
An Interview with Mark Stiving

Zach Alexander, interviews Mark to talk about how he teaches companies to boost revenues and realize their true value.

Podcast: cpq podcast
interview tith mark stiving, ph.d.

On this episode Frank Sohn talks with Mark about his experience and his mission to educate people about pricing so they win more revenue at higher margins. Also they talk about his origin story, benefits and challenges of value pricing and why black box pricing isn't ideal.

Podcast: the business storytelling podcast
How to price your products and services better

In this episode Christoph Trappe discusses with Mark how to approach the process of determining your price, how to set a price that accurately reflects your value, and how to overcome mental barriers that may prevent you from setting higher prices.

podcast: the tao of sports podcast

This Sports Podcast discusses with Mark how he is willing to explore every component of how to drive customers to buy. Mark admits he does not understand why the secondary ticket market manages to exist aside from venues and teams not taking the pricing seriously, discussing details of different pricing modules that could work.

podcast: The Soul of Enterprise

In this episode Ronald Baker and Ed Kless talk about how prices should be set strategically in order to maximize profitability. They both reach the conclusion that Mark will change the way you think about pricing and business as a whole.

podcast:How to Price new B2B Products
How to Price New B2B Products with Mark Stiving

If you’re a B2B , “how to price new products” is one of the most important consideration as you move along your path. With every new product or service that you add to your portfolio, you enter a new pricing battleground. Daniel Elizalde discusses with Mark how to price new B2B products

podcast: The Soul of Enterprise
Second interview with Mark Stiving

In this interview Ed Kless discusses with Mark how to create value for your customers. Purchase decisions are driven almost entirely by the perceived value of the alternatives.

podcast: Life Science Marketing Radio
Are You Pricing Your Life Science Products Correctly?

Are you pricing your life science products correctly? On this episode of the Life Science Marketing Podcast, Chris Conner interviews Mark about how to price your product.

Putting a Price on Value with Mark Striving

In this edition of Prism of Value, they discuss the ramifications that value-based pricing has on our clients, donors, and the organizations they support; how it affects both the buyer and seller; and how to adapt your own organization’s business model to reflect the importance of value-based pricing.