Subscription Value and Pricing Workshop

You have a subscription or you’ve decided to make the shift to a subscription model.  Yet, there is so much you don’t know about this relatively new business model.  Our experts will teach your team pricing fundamentals and best practices to create a customized Pricing Roadmap for your company. Over the course of two days, we’ll cover four main modules that will explain how to acquire, retain and expand monthly recurring revenue.  Once you understand the available pricing levers and how your customers respond to them, you will have a much deeper understanding of how to grow your subscription business.  You and your team will learn the fundamentals of subscription pricing, the levers you can pull, and most importantly, how to use each lever.

Pricing is extremely powerful, yet most companies don’t understand it. We can help educate your team and work with them to develop a Pricing Roadmap to successfully grow your subscription business.

The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.

– Katharine Paine

What will be covered?

The Subscription Pricing Workshop will cover foundational concepts and best practices, including the following learning objectives:

  • Three revenue buckets and three pricing levers (besides price)
  • In-depth look into what drives growth
  • Key pricing takeaways from the fastest growing subscription companies
  • How to choose a pricing metric
  • Importance of choosing market segments
  • How to package your product into good, better, best and options
  • Creating a pricing roadmap: learn best practices to lay out a practical pricing roadmap

At the end of your two day workshop, your team will walk away with a thorough understanding of why and how subscription pricing works, and they’ll be energized to implement your customized Pricing Roadmap. You can work with our team to further customize topics covered based on your specific needs.

The course is filled with many aha! moments, yet it only takes the one right pricing tweak to earn over $1,000,000 in incremental profit.

Workshop Price: $35,000 for up to 20 people at your place of business.

  • Mark is phenomenal: great presentation style, invites questions, responds thoughtfully and inclusively, knows the material thoroughly, has good examples, emphasizes the most important points. Great! I wrote a lot of notes, things to try to implement, things to pass to others, bookmarks, etc.

    Richard Collins Thomson Reuters FindLaw
  • The course was very good even for someone not directly involved in pricing because it showed how pricing can be considered in all aspects, especially enlightening in regards to how to align what we build with pricing considerations. Instructor was engaging and provided good examples to explain concepts.

    Elizabeth Hayden Trust Company Of America
  • Great course - Mark's passion for the topic shines through, making the topic compelling and manageable. Definitely gave me some good tools and challenged my thinking around how to better manage my portfolio and pricing moving forward

    Kerstin Barr Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Fantastic training, very rich content and exceptional delivery.

    Murdock NetDocuments
  • I was blown away by the pricing material you covered for us yesterday at Commerce Bank. Can't wait to actually put it into practice.

    Zachary Lawn Commerce Bank

Who should attend?subscription workshop

  • C-Level Executives
  • Anyone with P&L responsibility
  • Product managers
  • Marketing
  • Key members of the pricing team

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