pricing mentoring program

Mentoring Program

You already know that pricing is a powerful tool and that your company could be doing it much better.  Maybe you have a specific pricing problem or project to tackle. You would rather learn how to do it than hire a consultant to do it for you.  The mentoring program will give you the knowledge to become the expert on value in your company.

What is the pricing mentoring program?

You get access to the expertise of a pricing guru for up to 12 weeks in a series of one hour phone calls. pricing quoteWhen appropriate, your mentor will teach you applicable portions of our pricing courses This is a hands-on process, during which you will be given homework and assignments to complete.  Think of this as customized education with coaching, so you’re actively implementing as you’re learning.

How the mentoring program works

The first session starts the same as the Strategic Pricing Consultation.  You will spend an hour describing your company, what market you’re in, your products, and most importantly your goals.  Each subsequent session builds on your goals and what was discussed in the previous call. A common theme through most mentoring sessions is value.  You will be coached on how to create a value table — a powerful pricing tool that can be helpful for marketing, sales and even product management.

How long is it?

The mentoring program is up to 12 weeks long. It is usually broken down into a one hour video conference call each week.  Your mentor will also review materials between calls as needed.

How much does it cost?

As a one-on-one program, it is only $9,500.  We also offer group mentoring for $19,500 for up to 5 people.

If the price seems expensive, you need to think about the value.  What if you could improve revenue by 1%, all of which becomes profit?  Wow. Those prices suddenly seem tiny. If you do the work and implement what you learn in the mentoring program, there is no reason you can’t meet that number, and even exceed it.  Most companies leave way more profit than that on the table because they don’t understand pricing and value.

Money back guarantee:  If after the first two sessions you don’t think you’ll get enough value out of the Mentoring Program, we will refund your entire investment.  FYI, nobody has ever requested a refund.  

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